Depict Studios




Record your tracks through quality gear and with the right methodology to get the best possible results for mixing/mastering.

With a professional ear behind your recorded tracks, get them mixed how you would like them to sound, and with a creative imprint to stand out from the rest.

Take your mixed tracks to a professional standard that will compete with commercial works within the genre.


Depict Studios is a recording studio run from Adelaide, South Australia. Lachy Pitcher is a recording/mixing/mastering engineer & producer who has been in the industry 10+ years.

Recording and mixing bands such as; Hindsight, Towns, Sleep Talk, Pinkish Blu, Ambleside, Miles Away, Reactions, Coldwave, Superdose Gangway, Sports Car and many more, plus a bunch of interstate and even international credits - the end goal is to give provide the sound that will allow the artist to be successful wherever they're located and whatever stage they are at.

Whether you need a single/EP/Album tracked, mixed, mastered, produced, or all of the above, all can be accommodated at Depict Studios in a modern and efficient fashion, making the bottom line cheaper and VERY affordable for upcoming artists. 

Email for a quote within 24 hours.


UAD Apollo Firewire Interface

Focusrite Pro 40 (pre-amps)

Cubase 9.5 Digital Audio Workstation

Yamaha 4-track Tape Recorder

Fab Filter


Slate Bundle


& hundreds more...

Shure Beta 52

Shure SM57/58/7B

Sennheiser MD421

Audix D2/D6

Rode NT5

Rode K2

AT 4033a

Greatriver MP500NV Pre-amp

Golden Age Pre-573

Hairball LOLA Pre-amp (x2)

Radial X-Amp 500 Re-amp Box

Tech 21 Sansamp RBI Bass Rack

Adam A7 Monitors

Peavey 6505+ Head

VOX AC4 Head + Cabinet

Marshall VS265 Combo

Orange 2x12 Cabinet

ESP Eclipse w/ Evertune Bridge

Mexican Fender Stratocaster w/ Evertune Bridge

Les Paul Studio w/ EMG Pickups

Fender Squier Stratocaster

Monterey Bass (P-Bass Pickups)

AKAI MPK Mini MKII Keyboard



A Spotify playlist of works by Depict Studios. This includes a combination of;

  • tracking only (mixed elsewhere)

  • mixing/mastering only (tracked elsewhere)

  • produced/tracked/mixed/mastered projects

All of the above can be accommodated at an affordable rate. 


Please contact for a quote or use the contact form below. There is a base rate but this could be higher or lower depending on the style of music, what needs to be recorded, how long songs are amongst other reasons.

Depict can accommodate tracking live drums and amps etc, but also specialises in mixing and/or mastering work that has been tracked elsewhere. This service is cheaper and generally shorter turnaround.


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